Sunday, November 1, 2009

Full Moon

My sister Jen and her husband Bill came to town with the kids this weekend for some Vancouver Halloween action. My niece Lauren is 8 and my nephew Ben is 6. I've been excited for them to come as I don't see them much since they live in Edmonton. I was feeling disappointed that they came all this way and I wouldn't get to see them but I rested up yesterday picked up some fireworks and Meg and I made our way over to the parentals where all were gathered for the evening festivities. A block away from my parents a whole street of houses put on a Halloween block party, it was very impressive with hundreds of people milling about trick or treating. My niece and nephew thought it was the greatest and maybe I did to. I then proceeded with my humble fireworks show which turned into a huge laugh as everyone stood on the back deck with me just below lighting these unpredictable mini cannons off. The area we were in is very small and these things are going off at eye level to the family who were in hysterics evertytime one went array sending us all scampering for cover. My mother was laughing so hard she tryed to go inside and walked straight into the closed sliding glass door head first and kept laughing hysterically...she is the greatest.

Unfortunately things turned quickly as soon as Meg and I got in the car to leave my heart began to beat out of control. I was still breathing ok but it was jumping out of my chest making me very uncomfortable. We made it home and I layed on the bed put the heart rate monitor on trying to relax in hopes it might settle. My heart rate was fluctuating between 145 to 200 beats per minute and it wasn't settling. We called 911 and off I went for the second time in three days bouncing around in the back of the ambulance answering the same fucking questions i've been answering for years. They got me in quick for which I'm grateful but for 2 hours my heart rate jumped around sometimes over 200 beats per minute never below 150. I couldn't lay down cause fluid in my body had been building surrounding my heart and lungs so I couldn't breathe. I sat on the edge of the gurney with my legs dangling trying to find was so exhausting. I could hear the nurses and doctors discussing what to do while I guided them on my history as best I could. They seemed eager to shock my heart into a better rhythm but I didn't think it was safe so they tryed various meds to slow things down. Finally after four hours the meds began to settle things enough that I was more comfortable. I was so thirsty and they couldn't give me any fluids till things calmed down in case they had to use the "shock pads". Really I think they just wanted to try those things out cause that's all they kept talking about. Let's watch him fry cause i'm bored-I suppose if I worked there that would be entertaining. They did a good job and they finally brought me the best apple juice I've ever had and I could finally lay down.

They let me go this morning although my heart rate is still high at 120 but tomorrow I will be in touch with my doctor who will set up my new plan of action. Again I'm just happy to be home and around Megan. My situation is putting so much stress on her as my main caregiver so I will find away to make it easier. She does so much for me and I'm putting her through hell, I'm glad she is out enjoying the sunshine.

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