Friday, November 13, 2009


I realize I can only control so much in my life. I control how I approach each day and the situations that arise, how I treat people and what I put in to my body. Life can become pretty simple when it seems most complicated. There isn't time to think about the negative, no time to be angry just time to appreciate everything and everyone around me. I can't say enough about how happy it has made me to read the words of so many people I love and respect.

Today I was desperate to get some relief, could no longer think straight...I needed help. I had my scheduled appointment at the BMT day care unit,renamed the Krall Center after Diana Krall's mother who passed of Multiple Myeloma several years ago. Diana and her family have been a huge support putting on extravagant events to raise money for the center. I've been lucky enough to meet her and her family - fantastic people. Anyway my friend Katharine came over this morning to help me out...cause I'm a useless tit. She was great - I wasn't up to talking much but she got me food and to get ready for clinic. I'd been anticipating this appointment for days as I've become more and more uncomfortable. My dad picked me up and stayed with me to help sort things out. I was lucky today to get two of my favorite nurses. It makes such a difference, I've known them a long time and respect them immensely. They listen to me whine about everything and soon enough the doctors came in. Right away they put be on a med to drain fluid from my body which causes serious discomfort to a person with cardiac problems. They wrote me a prescription for hydromorphone which takes the edge off and masks the real issues...fine with me. They set me up with appointments to see everyone following my case, what more can I ask.

My lead doctor came by for a visit and is working hard to find something for me. He's hoping early next week knowing I can't wait much longer. My dad asked lots of questions and I was grateful to have him there. We know they're doing their best but we have to keep pushing them. I will go back in on Sunday for blood and platelet transfusions and Monday I will see the various specialists. As long as something is happening I have a chance...

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