Monday, November 16, 2009

Thanks Dad

Today proved to be more challenging than most. I'm carrying too much fluid and it's affecting me greatly. It was a big day with multiple appointments that would take me all over the hospital. My dad has been driving me to and from appointments during the week when Meg is working. He picked me up mid morning and dropped me at the front of the hospital. He always asks if he can stay and help but I hate inconveniencing people and often say no. Over the years I've spent much of my time in hospital alone despite all the support I have just because it's easier that way...sometimes. My first chore was to get a chest x-ray so in I went to take my seat in the waiting room. As I waited I knew I wasn't well and was going to have serious trouble getting through the day. A few moments later I could see the outline of my dad walking toward me...I felt so relieved. First thing he did was get me an iced tea for my cotton good. A father knows his son and he ended up spending the whole day with me wheeling me around the hospital from appointment to appointment. He's very patient considering hospitals are the last place either of us want to be. He got me through this day like so many before.

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  1. Hey - don't you worry. Lots of people, especially Dad and Mom, want to be there for you. Let them! It is not a bother, it is a gift they want to give you - accept it. (Look at that, I can even boss from afar....) Love you, Jen