Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I have some work to do

Today I was admitted to cardiac care at VGH where I have already spent time earlier this year (haven't got there yet but it was a doozy). Things aren't mending on their own so action is being taken. Three teams of doctors are now following me including cardiologists, kidney specialists and my BMT doctors. I'm grateful to our system and the care I continue to receive. My head space is clear and I'm laying comfortable....except for my ass from being on it the past week. Of course there is a million places I'd rather be than in another hospital bed but i know what I need to do in order for that to happen. I'm not bitter, not sad- just bound and determined to live out my dreams. Meg came by tonight with my things, some snacks and the computer so we got to hang out and relax. She looks more at ease- I think she's relieved that I'm here and people are monitoring me. It's been sketchy at home with my health so erratic, she's been taking care of me non stop and vigilant watching me through the night - has to be exhausting. I'm tired now and have much writing to do tomorrow......................good night

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  1. hang tough man......i check this everyday...to be real gay, i use you a source of strength for me to get my ass going everyday!!!

    your going to get back right!! there is a ton of people pulling for you

    plus we got to get to mexico