Monday, November 9, 2009

To the followers of this blog

Thank you for caring and thank you for sharing your thoughts and words of support to Meg and I. I never thought anyone would be interested in this and that was never the point but this has turned out to be a very positive outlet for me. Most importantly I've heard from so many people I haven't spoken to in years. I have so many memories with each of you. Everyone faces adversity, everyone has their story - I just chose to share mine.

I want to say a special thank you to everyone involved with the fundraiser that's being organized a few weeks from now at the Mosquito Creek Grill in North Vancouver. A young lady named Danielle Jenvey put this together - all I can say is her mother Sharon raised a special lady. The money raised will be going towards my campaign to raise $1 million for Multiple Myeloma research. I want to thank all our friends who continually show us support, bring cookies and muffins, books and DVD's...we are stocked for the year now.

I've been isolated in this room for a week now and I'm truly praying that the docs come up with something. I don't want this blog to be about my final days. I want to be writing about better days a few months from now. I'm a positive person and hate that I have no good news to report. Bureaucracy is creeping in to the process which seems to happen more and more frequently. My doctor fights tooth and nail with hospital big wigs for approval for me to receive certain treatments. It's scary to think my life is coming down to this. I go through waves of panic but then I become really competitive. I refuse to accept people telling me how sick I long as they don't give up on me I can make it. That's it I'm scared to death they will give up on me. Too much money has been spent on me, too much time and energy...bullshit keep me alive and I'll make a difference. The longer I'm alive the more hope I can give other myeloma patients, the more awareness I can raise. Thanks for not giving up me.


  1. Keep are in my thoughts and prayers!!

  2. praying for you every day!! and just keep fighting...YOU ARE WORTH IT!!!! Hugs to you and Meg...Megan

  3. Hey Chad,

    Being inspired
    Does one aspire
    To be an inspiration?
    I think it just happens

    I chose to express myself through "poetry" and I'd never planned to be an inspiration, but I was told I am one - so are you in such a BIG way. I read your words and put my world in perspective. Thank-you so much for jumping out ot your private "Comfort Box" and sharing your story with the world. I wrote the poem in July, but it seems appropriate. You do inspire me and I thank you for sharing your truth.

    Best to you both

  4. you have always been the toughest guy i know, something will give.and this wil move in the right direction....stay with it....

    hang tough pretty boy!


  5. Hey Chad, keep up the fight, my thoughts are with you. You have inspired me to go donate blood, which I haven't done in over 5 years! Hugs to you and Meg!
    Wendy (NV Gal)!!

  6. Thinking of you Chad, all the best! Marlene & Pat

  7. "Since being diagnosed tennis helped bring me back to life and made me feel like a better person. I began taking coaching more seriously and was the 2003/2004 U18 BC Indoor Nationals squad coach... They were far better behaved than our group and at least waited till they were out of the tournament before hitting up the beers....little bastards."

    Chad, I can't begin to tell how much being called a little bastard by you has touched me. When I read this I laughed and then I cried, I hope the memories that we shared good or bad will forever be in your heart because I know they will be in mine.

    Stay Tough Man, your in my thoughts and prayers. I am looking forward to seeing you at the end of this.

    -The little bastard you caught drinking at nationals.

  8. Chad I hope you feel better, I want to see you back out on that tennis court soon. You have a great game. Just recalling our great run to the semis of the Christmas doubles tournament a few years ago. We almost made the finals, recall Chris and Stephano dug out of love 40 in that one game or we were there. :)

    Ken from HCC