Thursday, November 12, 2009


Having hard time getting comfortable and hoping tomorrow they'll give me something to take the edge off....something powerful. Still no word on treatment and things aren't getting better. It's unexplainable feeling yourself being destroyed from the inside out. Each day I become weaker but never giving up hope just wondering when something is going to happen. Every little ache or pain I assume the worst always reading in to what's going on. Getting up to the bathroom or kitchen is my workout and once I'm up it feels good to stand. I think if I can get on some pain relief it will put me at ease. It's draining never getting a break, not being able to sleep. I've been sleeping out on the couch cause it's the only way I can stay propped up - the most comfortable position for me right now. Meg has been coming out to sleep on the other couch just to help comfort me...what do I say about that. We are doing our best and seem to have a good system going right now.

I'm overwhelmed by the messages I've been receiving so know that I read them all with a smile. Right now it's game time and all my energy goes to this.

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